Investing money in property is not a new thing, but it still carries significant risk. Research shows that approximately 1.9 million of Australia’s 23 million residents have invested in property. Within Australia, good interest rates are keeping it a popular investment choice for locals. And changes in foreign investment laws mean that it is easy for international buyers to invest in Australian property too.

Gordon Rutty has been mastering the Australian property market for over two decades and if anyone knows how to invest in property – it’s him. He used his wealth of experience to found a company called the SPR (Smart Property Research) Group and his goal is to create low risk and high return investment opportunities for honest and hardworking people all over Australia. He even steps in to help those seeking advice on strategic tax and investments.

Phillip Scandizzo is a Strategic Tax and Investment Specialist who has sent many of his clients to Gordon Rutty for assistance: “It takes a passionate person to deliver the support Gordon Rutty has provided to our business. Gordon Rutty has demonstrated patience and great communication skills which have made the transaction of buying property less daunting for our clients.”

When assessing a property for investment purposes, Gordon Rutty follows a process which creates a property report for the client. He starts with assessing the market position and looking at areas with a proven history of growth or predicted future growth. He then looks at the rental demand and identifies the potential supply of rental income. He examines growth drivers, affordability and then whether or not the potential income will yield a return greater than 4.5%. Rutty makes sure the correct property type is chosen and then finds a quality tenant. He investigates tenant expectations and negotiates any potential local property management fees.

Unlike many other Australian property specialists, Gordon Rutty personally gets involved with helping clients. He screens developers to see if their work is suitable. He oversees the property’s independent evaluations and inclusions.  And he negotiates a fixed priced contract with minimum deposit and settlement terms in addition to capped holding costs. Gordon Rutty then personally oversees any third party passive involvement and facilitates the community evaluation, site inspection and property design himself.


With such a dedication to his clients, it is no wonder that Gordon Rutty SPR Group is amongst the top property companies in Australia.


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